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Port of Piraeus. Photo: Nikolaos Diakidis / Wikipedia

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The booming global passenger vessel sector

– The passenger vessel market is thriving and vessel quality fast improving

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

Buoyant ferry industry sets course for further progress

– The ferry industry is on the crest of a wave, and is poised for continued success

– by Mike Corrigan, CEO of Interferry

Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

Greeting from Greece 1

– On a tour of the Greek islands by ferry, Neil Baird considers opportunities for modern builders and designers

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

Taking a ferry can be hazardous to your health

– “Do not worry about that, sir, if anything happens the crew will tell you what to do!”

– by Alan Loynd, former CEO of the Hong Kong Salvage and Towage company

Greetings from Greece 2

– Neil Baird’s Greek ferry roundup continues as he heads south to Limnos, Lesvos, Chios, Piraeus, Heraklion and Santorini

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

State of the cruise ship interior business

– Where are we now and where are we going?

– by Stephanie Newton, Content Specialist, Elite Exhibitions

REMINISCENCES | Bridges too far – The manifest virtues of ferries

– “It seems a sad fact that few political leaders, in any shape or size or complexion, can be found who can understand the value of ferries and their potential for good.”

– by Michael Grey, former long-term editor of Lloyds List

Italian style runs strong in local passenger vessel market

– Italy’s Nautica Store has had a busy 2019 with refits and newbuilds galore

– by Giovanni GrandeBaird Maritime’s Italian correspondent

Adapting a commercial Ro-Pax design for disaster relief project

– Interview with Jonathan “Jonty” Powis, Operations Director at Britannia Maritime Aid, on getting this ambitious project off the ground

– by Nelson de la Cruz, Baird Maritime’s Philippines correspondent

A new ferry network for Tasmania’s Derwent River?

– Incat proposal aims to create a commuter-friendly alternative to Hobart’s increasing traffic congestion

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

Dead hand of government destroys yet another shipbuilder

– “Shipbuilders everywhere should learn, yet again, from this example that dealing with governments is always fraught with danger. Bureaucratic-demanded ‘variations’ are shipbuilder killers.”

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

Are cruise passengers aware of the dangers?

– “It may also be time to revisit the provisions of the Safe Return to Port rules, because in this case the ship was unable to return to port safely despite all the technology.”

– by Alan Loynd, former CEO of the Hong Kong Salvage and Towage company and chairman of the International Tugmasters Association

Justice prevails in latest Estonia litigation

– “Unbelievably, almost exactly twenty-five years since the Estonian flagged Ro-Pax ferry Estonia sank in a Baltic storm, some members of the legal profession have again been trying to milk the tragedy for fees.”

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

Smile, you’re on camera!

– “Most professional mariners would have squirmed in their seats watching the incident in Venice when the cruise ship MSC Opera went out of control and squashed an excursion boat.”

– by Michael Grey, former long-term editor of Lloyds List

Despite IMO disinterest, ferry safety consciousness improves

– “Ferry safety can be economically improved and that improvement can lead to important and very valuable political rewards.”

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

Remember to come back every day to see the latest news, opinion and vessel reviews!

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