New line of multi-purpose catamarans introduced by Compositi Veloci


Compositi Veloci, a new boat builder based in Milan, has introduced a new line of multi-purpose catamarans designed by Giuseppe Filippone.

Of tough composite construction, the model has been designed with versatility in mind. Bareboat day-charter operators will find her simple, low-maintenance features particularly attractive, but the boat can also be supplied as a lifeboat suitable for inland and coastal waters, or for more specialised applications.

Designed to fit inside standard 40-foot containers (up to four units in a single container), the boat can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Diving model

The model has a length of 6.50 metres, a beam of 2.35 metres, and a draught of just 0.25 metres.

Features include seating for up to 10 passengers, high stability and a comfortable ride, a high-speed planing hull.

Construction is in multi-axial glass and vinyl ester resins, PVC cored. This makes it strong and unsinkable, and its curved keel covered by stainless steel plate allows for easy beaching.

Power options start at 30 kW and it features a large sunbed for up to seven people.

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Stefano Fermi

Stefano Fermi, based in Cremona, Italy, is since 1993 the publisher of the Italian work boat magazine Il Battelliere - Nautica Professionale, and since 1995 the publisher of the web magazine TuttoCrociere - Before the editorial business he was involved, for some years, in the construction of some innovative small passenger aluminium catamarans, based on Australian designs, that were the first ever built in Italy. His relationship with Neil and Alex Baird began in 2002 with the first edition of the Work Boat Europe Exhibition.