AIDA Cruises’ fleet to have battery storage by 2020

AIDAsol. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Spike

AIDA Cruises and Corvus Energy have entered into an agreement wherein the German operator’s entire fleet of passenger vessels will be equipped with onboard battery storage systems.

Costa Group CEO Michael Thamm said in a press release that the first AIDA vessel to be fitted with the new technology will begin operational sailing in a few months’ time.

The two companies expect that, as early as the end of 2020, 12 of AIDA Cruises’ 14 ships will be able to receive shore power where available. Included in this number is AIDAsol, which has been using the shore power plant in Hamburg-Altona in its regular operations since 2017.

As part of the company’s campaign to reduce emissions, AIDA is also exploring the possible use of CO2-free fuel cells in its cruise ships with the first vessel to be so equipped expected to begin sailing by 2021.