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Baird Publications is one of the world’s premier maritime publishing houses with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and a publishing subsidiary in Hong Kong.

The group produces two monthly magazines, Ausmarine and Work Boat World and a number of annual publications all focusing on various aspects of the commercial, government and military marine industries. It also presents this maritime portal.

The Magazines

Almost since its inception in 1978, Professional Fisherman was the premier publication for the Australian commercial fishing industry. Recently renamed Ausmarine, and with an expanded focus to include all aspects of the Australian and New Zealand commercial, government and military marine sector, this monthly magazine continues to be the leader in its field.

First published in 1982, the second Baird magazine to launch was Work Boat World. Aimed primarily at owners and operators, it covers all types of commercial, military and government vessels to around 130 metres in length. It has long been the world leader in its market.

In the intervening years, the magazines Fishing Boat WorldAsia Pacific Shipping and World Shipbuilding joined the Baird fleet of magazines. By 2006, with five magazines running per month, the decision was made to consolidate the magazines into what was decided was a more practical approach to cover the global commercial and government marine market. It was decided that, because much of the technology relating to fishing vessels and workboats overlapped, Fishing Boat World was incorporated into Work Boat World, which now covers every type of workboat in operation around the world. The 2007 launch of however, has allocated a separate daily news stream to the fishing and aquaculture industries.

Similarly, Asia Pacific Shipping and World Shipbuilding were combined into Ships and Shipping, which covered the building, owning and operating of vessels at the larger end of the scale, particularly cargo vessels, and related markets including port development and operations, as well as relevant equipment, materials and services. Subsequently, in July 2011, Ships and Shipping and Work Boat World were combined into Baird Maritime. More recently in March 2012, the title reverted to the ever popular Work Boat World.

The world is changing. In fact it is changing very quickly. This change is both generational and technological. It is affecting almost all sectors of business and, most particularly, the maritime and publishing sectors with which we are most involved.

We know very well that most of our readers and all our advertisers have felt those changes. The wider maritime industry has experienced massive change over the past thirty years and most particularly in the last decade. There has been a significant blurring of sector distinctions and a drift to much greater homogeneity across the whole global industry.

The internet, obviously, has wrought enormous and dramatic changes across the whole global media industry. Like most of our media industry counterparts, we were not, at first, able to readily comprehend what was happening to our industry. As a result, many media outlets have fallen by the wayside. Others are struggling.

We have worked hard developing it over the last few years. We have also spent a lot of money on it. We know that it is regarded seriously and appreciated by a very significant slice of the international maritime industry.

Very obviously, the website and the Work Boat World magazine are very closely related and completely complementary. Together, they are designed and intended to provide readers, visitors, viewers or whatever with the best source of news, information and comment available to the overall international maritime industry. So, no matter whether you own, operate, design, build or supply to any kind of commercial or government vessel from tugs and trawlers to tankers, Baird Maritime is intended to serve you. We believe it provides readers with the best of both its previous worlds.


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