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International Regulations For Preventing Collisons At Sea: Adapted to IMO-Amendments of 1981, 1987, 1989, 1993 and 2001
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 20:42
Author: Pierre Deseck
Publisher: Maritime Know How

From Baird Maritime:

It is hard to believe how many collisions actually occur at sea. It is even harder to believe that we need a 450 page book to adequately describe the regulations designed to prevent them.

If nothing else, this very clearly and remarkably simply presented book shows us that the International Maritime Organisation has completely lost the plot. If the IMO were really doing its job properly this book should be easily able to be distilled into two pages of words and diagrams.

Self-serving bureaucracies perpetuate themselves by creating complexity. The IMO is, unfortunately, little different from the taxation authorities in most countries. Complexity and obfuscation are the names of the game.

Fortunately, we now have this clear and remarkably concise guide through the complex maze of regulation that the IMO has dumped on the world’s humble seamen. Probably the most telling and apposite words in the book are contained in the prologue. They are: “Common sense and good seamanship are often better than a written rule”. That really says it all. The IMO and its overpaid staff and delegates should be ashamed of themselves.

A very clear and simple translation and explanation of the gobbledygook that the IMO has dumped on us.

Ordering Information:

Maritime Know How
Antwerp, Belgium

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Fortune’s A River: The Collision of Empires in Northwest America
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 20:40
Author: Barry Gough
Publisher: Harbour Publishing

From Baird Maritime:

The author is a well known specialist in the history of British Columbia. He has written on its exploration and colonisation.

This book, which reads rather like an adventure novel, provides us with the facts of what was really another “Great Game”. The quest for colonial power in this corner of the north-east Pacific Ocean.

Involving British, Spanish, French, Russian and American explorers and entrepreneurs as well as the local indigenous inhabitants, it is a wide sweeping and fascinating work.

Well endowed with resources including timber, seafood, whales, furs and minerals as well as rich farmland the region was a glittering prize. The rivalry for that prize is the focus of this first rate book.

Ordering Information:

Harbour Publishing
Madeira Park, Canada

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Poor Man River: Memoirs From the River Murray Estuary
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 14:46

Author: Alastair Wood
Publisher: Digital Print Australia

From Baird Maritime:

The area surrounding the mouth of Australia’s largest river, The Murray, is an extensive and attractive wetland. Much of it is very scenic.

In its original form it was a wonderland of animal, bird and fish life. While still partly so, man has interfered heavily with the flow of the river with irrigation, hydro-electric and other developments upstream. This has substantially altered the river’s character.

Of course, this is nothing new. There are plenty of similar examples of abuse of rivers. The Colorado, the Nile, the Yangtze and many others have fallen victim to similar “improvements”.

The Murray benefits from this record of its history and present that has been written by a sensitive and erudite professional fishermen. Wood has talked with the “old timers” and assiduously used historical records to show vividly what has happened to this particular “Poor Man River”. It is a pity that so few such man created disasters have been so sympathetically recorded.

Ordering Information:

Digital Print Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Or available from the author
PH: +61 8 8552 2730

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Age and Longevity of Vessels: Strategic Study
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 14:46

Authors: Louis Le Pensec and Henri Pinon

From Baird Maritime:

The authors of this useful and informative statistical compilation are a former French Minister of the Sea and a Marine Safety Consultant.

Much of what they have presented would be very obvious to any experienced mariner. Its value lies in the fact that they have put a lot of work into compiling a large amount of very relevant statistical data. This data mostly serves to reinforce conventional maritime wisdom.

The result is a largely positive and optimistic analysis of the current situation. It certainly shows that ship design, construction and maintenance and, thus, safety, are all steadily improving and that the combination of IMO rules and port state enforcement are having a significant beneficial effect.

While this research applies to cargo carrying ships and service vessels such as tugs and OSVs, it is a pity that the authors ignored the passenger vessel sector. That sectors safety record needs considerable improvement. A similar analytical approach would clearly show the much greater problems of that sector.

Ordering Information:

Available from the authors

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Harrier II: Validating V/Stol
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 14:46

Author: Lon O. Nordeen
Publisher: Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime:

Probably the ultimate seaborne aircraft, the Harrier in both its forms has been around for more than forty years.

That is a very lengthy career for a tactical fighter/bomber. It is a career that is nowhere near over yet as the aircraft continues to benefit from an ongoing programme of development.

Originally developed by the British for the Royal Air Force, Harrier was quickly adopted by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and by the US Marines. They are also in service with Spanish and Italian forces.

The fact that they continue to be the US Marine Corps’ favourite combat aircraft in the current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan speaks volumes for the attributes of this amazingly versatile and useful fighting aircraft.

This excellent book describes the past, present and future of the Harrier very effectively.

Ordering Information:

Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA

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