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Photo: Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering

This is probably my favourite Baird Maritime Feature Week as we get to learn about the wonderful and innovative ideas that are being incorporated in the world’s next crop of ships and boats.

Pretty much globally, we are seeing a focus on environmental concerns to the point that I sometimes think they are becoming all-consuming. While environmental and economic factors do tend to inter-relate, I do hope that the world’s naval architects do not neglect the importance of safety and economy in their designs.

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The wind farm service sector is receiving considerable attention at present and we can only hope that the currently booming sector does not soon fall in the heap that inevitably follows such booms. It is, of course, inspiring some very imaginative and innovative thinking among designers. This month’s Naval Architecture Week will present some impressive examples from a large Turkish-built SWATH wind farm service vessel (WFSV) to some Australian-designed, Danish-built WFSVs. It’s all very exciting.

Also exciting from our old French/Chinese friends ODC Marine in Dalian is a fast cargo/passenger adaptation of their lovely and well proven 19.4-metre tourist vessel design. We go from there to a massive 84-metre AHTS from Turkey’s famed Tersan Shipyard. It is really good to see a large and powerful OSV after such a long drought.

It’s set to be an interesting week with much to see and much to learn here on Baird Maritime.

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COLUMN | What kind of tugs should we be building? [Tug Times]

– “It will be difficult for the shipping lines to keep using conventional tugs when a non-polluting option is available, even if it costs more.”

– by Alan Loynd, former General Manager of the Hong Kong Salvage and Towage Company

COLUMN | The Type 26 Global Combat Ship: a transnational project [Naval Gazing]

– “It is hoped that the sharing of a common design will result in cost savings, particularly by the pooled production of vital components.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, retired UK Royal Navy officer and Baird Maritime’s maritime security expert and columnist

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