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Roc Oil begins Bohai Bay oil production
Thursday, 14 May 2009 15:25

Australia’s Roc Oil has begun production from the first wells in the Zhao Dong block in Bohai Bay, China.

According to the Offshore Magazine, total gross production is estimated at 21,500 b/d of oil.

Oil production in the C-51 well in the Extended Reach Area (ERA) of the C and D oil fields began on March 20 and is currently producing 1,000 b/d. The C-52 well, which began production on March 29, produces over 2,000 b/d. The third production well, D-43 commenced production on April 3. One more production well is planned.

Following this, a drilling programme consisting of twelve wells in the C and D oil fields is planned. This year, the company is focused on drilling higher yielding reservoirs within existing fields, as opposed to drilling more wells, which was the strategy in 2008. The programme will aim to match 2008 production level gross rates of 18,050 b/d of oil.

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