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Additional US Navy patrol boats for Safe Boats
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 17:32

Safe Boats International (SBI) has been awarded a contract to provide the United States Navy with four additional Mk VI patrol boats (Mk VI PB), with options for an additional two.

The Mk VI PB is the navy’s next generation patrol boat and will become a part of the navy expeditionary combat command’s (NECC) fleet of combatant craft. The Mk VI PB’s mission, per the contract, is to provide operational commanders a capability to patrol shallow littoral areas beyond sheltered harbours and bays, and into less sheltered open water out to the Departure Sea Area (DSA) for the purpose of force protection of friendly and coalition forces and critical infrastructure.

Safe Boats designed the 26-metre Mk VI PB for optimal performance, fuel economy, and firepower. Systems are designed to reduce operating costs, minimise manpower and improve reliability and maintainability. Powered by twin diesel engines and water jets, the Mk VI PB is capable of speeds in excess of 30 knots at full load. She has a range in excess of 600 nautical miles. Berthing accommodations, galley and head/shower facilities allow for extended missions. Additionally, the boat is fitted with ballistic protection and can be armed with a variety of crew served and remotely operated weapons systems.

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