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The requirement for maritime security, or patrol, search and rescue, vessels seems to grow inexorably. Who would have thought that the global boom that commenced in response to the 9/11 Saudi terrorist attacks on New York would continue for twenty years?

Of course, it was not just terrorists who drove the boom. Piracy also boomed and continues to this day, especially in the Gulfs of Guinea and Aden, the Singapore Straits, the South China Sea and Venezuela. Drug smuggling affects almost every coastal country and the littorals and inland waterways require almost continual policing. At the same time, accidents never stop happening and survivors have to be searched for and rescued.

Thus, the maritime security vessel market remains strong. Apart from financially benefiting designers, builders and equippers, this has led to considerable important improvements in vessels and their equipment and modes of operation. That benefits all of us and gradually spreads to other sectors such as fishing boats, ferries and yachts.

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As in all our Maritime Security Week features, the following shows a selection of the latest vessels launched, along with new designs and equipment. It makes clear that many interesting and valuable developments continue to occur in this market sector. They occur globally and in vessels having all shapes, sizes and roles.

For example, this week we feature vessels designed and built in four countries, and two of the vessels will operate in two different countries. Three are smallish – around 10 metres – RIBs and one is a 20-metre FRP craft. Their speed capabilities range from 20 to 50-plus knots. Two of the RIBs are even amphibious, in a most interesting way.

The RIBs are multi-purpose and are being used for both police and naval purposes while the larger training vessels are for a European navy. All are versatile and adaptable. They offer a very interesting cross-section of what is available to the global market.

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COLUMN | Egypt: a rapidly emerging maritime power [Nazal Gazing]

“The prime catalyst for the Egyptian Navy’s growth has been the regional security situation, which includes unstable governments, territorial disputes, and terrorist activity.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, Baird Maritime‘s maritime security expert and columnist

OPINION | US naval intrusion exposes India’s political weakness

“The US 7th Fleet’s statement that it was ‘challenging’ India seems a provocation, suggesting that Washington disregarded the enduring strategic partnership it enjoys with New Delhi.”

by Sarosh Bana, executive editor of Business India and the regional editor for the Asia–Pacific of Naval Forces

OPINION | Beware the bear in the Pacific

“Russia will not leave the Pacific and it is not beyond imagination that one day it could again be a partner, even an ally.”

by Steve Raaymakers, veteran practitioner in international development with a focus on environmental security, small island states, oceans governance and integrated marine resource management in the Asia–Pacific

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