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COLUMN | Electrified [The Bow Wave]

Is there a place for a battery powered workboat? My thinking for this question comes from observing two particular types of vessels and why I think they’re suitable for “electrification”. With the advances in battery power thanks to the efforts of Tesla Motors amongst other manufacturers, other industries are able to leverage the investments that have been made for their own ends.

COLUMN | Under the seas [The Bow Wave]

Two pieces of news over the past month or so got me thinking about the use of underwater research labs.

The first was the news out of China that the government is intending to develop an underwater laboratory that would be capable of operating in depths of up to 3,000 metres and second was that NASA had sent a team of astronauts to the ‘Aquarius’ marine lab, 18 metres below the surface of the waters off Key Largo in Florida.

COLUMN | “How do you say?” [The Bow Wave]

Unless you’re a mariner who sticks close to home, you’ve probably had moments in your life where you’ve had to engage with someone who doesn’t share a common language
with yourself.

COLUMN | Fishing for metal [The Bow Wave]

I’ve written previously about what can be done with the OSVs that appear to be clogging up dock space and anchorages from Scotland to Singapore.

If the boats available have sufficient bollard pull, perhaps they could be used for collecting polymetallic nodules from the sea floor.

Polymetallic nodules are found in most oceans with the greatest concentrations found on the open seabed planes of the Eastern Pacific in an area known as the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, in depths of 4,000 to 5,000 metres.

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