VESSEL REVIEW | Promernyy-3 – Russian inland survey boats to support dredging projects

VESSEL REVIEW | Promernyy-3 – Russian inland survey boats to support dredging projects

Photo: Kostroma Shipbuilding Plant

Four new shallow-draught survey vessels were recently delivered by Russia’s Kostroma Shipbuilding Plant to local operator Rechvodput.

Sister vessels Promernyy-3, Gorizont (“Horizon”), Putisky-5, and Profile belong to the Project 3330 series of 11 vessels that will perform survey duties in support of dredging projects being carried out within the jurisdiction of Rosmorrechflot, Russia’s federal sea and inland water transport agency. All 11 were designed by Gorky Central Design Bureau in compliance to Russian River Register rules.

Photo: Rosmorrechflot

The Project 3330 boats each have a length of 18.1 metres, a beam of 3.2 metres, a draught of only 0.5 metres, and space for two crewmembers and four survey technicians. A 184kW main engine delivers a speed of 12.7 knots and a maximum endurance of two days. The shallow draught also enables each vessel to load and unload personnel and equipment at jetties with limited infrastructure. Loading and unloading are done via a folding bow ladder.

The vessels’ array of survey equipment enables automated gathering of hydrographic data, hence allowing surveys to be performed quickly, accurately, and comprehensively even with the limited number of embarked personnel. The scanning equipment can help generate 3D models of the bottoms of lakes and rivers, which will in turn inform waterway authorities on the approximate volume of sediment that needs to be extracted to ensure safe passage.

Like their other Project 3330 sisters, the four newbuilds will be operated by Rechvodput in managing navigability at various rivers throughout Russia.

Some of our readers have expressed disquiet at our publication of reviews and articles describing new vessels from Russia. We at Baird Maritime can understand and sympathise with those views. However, despite the behaviour of the country’s leaders, we believe that the maritime world needs to learn of the latest developments in vessel design and construction there.

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Promernyy-3, Gorizont, Profile & Putisky-5
Type of vessel:Survey vessels
Classification:Russian River Register
Owner:Rechvodput, Russia
Designer:Gorky Central Design Bureau, Russia
Length overall:18.1 metres
Beam:3.2 metres
Draught:0.5 metres
Main engine:184 kW
Maximum speed:12.7 knots

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