Focus on Research and Training

Focus on Research and Training

Photo: OceanX/Andy Mann

This week’s lineup of reviewed vessels covers a broad range of specialties in the marine research and training fields. From China, there are a new oceanographic ship that is one of the largest vessels of its kind ever built and operated in the country and a vessel slated for the country’s mineral resources ministry, which will use it for offshore buoy monitoring.

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Also featured are two Antarctic research and supply ships currently in service in the UK and Australia. These large and well-equipped vessels have impressive carrying capacities, extended endurance, and a broad range of onboard facilities to enable sustained operations in the challenging environmental conditions of the southernmost continent. The training sector is also represented this week by a new fleet of eight high-speed boats that recently entered service with Britain’s Royal Navy.

All these and more are covered as part of this month’s focus on marine research and training here on Baird Maritime.

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AWARDS 2021 | Best Large Research Vessel – NNS Lana – OCEA

– “The vessel was designed and built to offer excellent operational capabilities thanks to a combination of improved seakeeping, the effective integration of scientific sensors and systems, and reduced environmental impact.”

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