VESSEL REVIEW | Jaywun – Arabian Gulf oceanographic research vessel for UAE operator

Photo: Freire Shipyard

Construction has been completed on a new oceanographic research vessel ordered by UAE operator Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD). Named Jaywun after a local variety of pearl, the vessel was built by Spain’s Freire Shipyard with support by Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding.

Photo: Freire Shipyard

The vessel has an LOA of 47.1 metres, a beam of 12 metres, a draught of 4.2 metres, and two MTU 16V4000M53 1,840kW main engines that drive 2,500mm controllable-pitch propellers to deliver a speed of 13 knots and an endurance of 25 days at a cruising speed of 11 knots. Two shaft lines driven by the main engines and complemented by a 200kW electric motor (PTI), together with the thorough hydrodynamic design of the hull, allow the vessel to offer fully electric navigation at low speeds, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions. Freire said this also allows for a high degree of onboard comfort and low noise impact for the personnel on board, which is important in scientific research missions.

Photo: Freire Shipyard

The newbuild is designed to carry out advanced oceanographic and fisheries research work in both deep and shallow waters. On board are accommodations for 18 crewmembers and 11 scientists as well as facilities including multiple laboratories, a diving team preparation room, and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) launch and recovery area. The research equipment includes several winches and gantries, echosounders, and two multi-beam probes.

Photo: Freire Shipyard

Deck space is also available for a Guerra knuckle boom crane and a fast rescue boat that will be launched and deployed via a dedicated davit. The electronics include equipment from Intellian and Kongsberg Maritime.

Photo: Freire Shipyard

Jaywun’s main area of operations will encompass the territorial waters of the UAE within the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The vessel was designed specifically for operation in Gulf waters, which are characterised by high salinity. Duties will include fish stock assessments, marine habitat surveys, deep-water marine environmental surveys, and assessment of marine sediment and water quality. The fisheries surveys will be carried out in fulfillment of the UAE government’s objective of making the emirates climate-neutral by 2050.

Jaywun will be managed, operated, and maintained by the Safeen Group, the maritime services arm of the AD Ports Group.

Photo: Freire Shipyard

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Type of vessel:Research vessel
Owner:Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, UAE
Operator:Safeen Group, UAE
Builders:Freire Shipyard, Spain; Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding, UAE
Length overall:47.1 metres
Beam:12 metres
Draught:4.2 metres
Main engines:2 x MTU 16V4000M53, each 1,840 kW
Propulsion:2 x controllable-pitch propellers
Auxiliary engine:200 kW
Maximum speed:13 knots
Cruising speed:11 knots
Other electronics:Intellian; Kongsberg Maritime
Accommodation:Laboratories; diving preparation room
Operational areas:Arabian Gulf; Gulf of Oman

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