VESSEL REVIEW | Hirata Maru – Imabari receives multi-purpose coastal/harbour tug

Japan’s Daizo Corporation has delivered the tug Hirata Maru to the famous Naikai Tug Boat Service Co.

Also designed by Daizo, the vessel was constructed under survey to Japanese Government regulations and also features a coastal navigation notation.

The vessel has an overall length of 38.83 metres, a beam of 8.9 metres, a depth of 4.0 metres and a draught of 3.0 metres.

Japanese engine manufacturer Niigata supplied the vessel’s propulsion package. This package comprises a pair of Niigata 6L28HX engines, each rated for 1,618kW, and each coupled to Niigata ZP-31 nozzle type propellers.

This propulsion system achieves a maximum speed of 15.2 knots and a bollard pull of 52 tones.

The vessel was designed for supporting assisting vessels to enter and leave Imabari Port, towing work in the coastal areas around Imabari, and acting as a fire-fighting asset for the port, including chemical fires.

Hirata Maru is equipped with two types of Kashiwa water cannon for fire-fighting duties. The first, with 3,000 litres per minute capacity, is the extending type equipped on the top of the mast. It is able to be extended up to 7.5 metres higher than the top of the mast and its firing range is 100 metres.

The other, with matching capacity, is a fixed type equipped on the top of the wheelhouse. A water curtain system is also equipped for self-protection against out-of-control fires.

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Hirata Maru
Type of vessel:Tug
Classification:Japan Government
Port of registry:Kobe
Owner:Naikai Tug Boat Service Co, Japan
Designer:Daizo Corporation, Japan
CAD software:AutoCAD
Builder:Daizo Corporation, Japan
Construction material:Steel
Plate cutting:CNC plasma
Length overall:38.83 metres
Length waterline:35.00 metres
Length bp:32.00 metres
Beam:8.90 metres
Draught:3.00 metres
Depth:4.00 metres
Displacement:539t (full load)
Gross tonnage:223t (Japan domestic)
Main engines:2 x Niigata 6L28HX, each 1,617kW
Gearboxes:2 x Niigata
Propulsion:2 x Niigata ZP -31
Generators:2 x Yanmar 6CHL-HTN, each 88.2kW
Maximum speed:15.2 knots
Cruising speed:14.5 knots
Bollard pull:52t
Batteries:2 x Exide Tec. 200Ah; 2 x 72Ah
Hydraulic equipment:2 x Marine Hydrotech Co. hydraulic cylinder brake system, each 784kN
Fire fighting equipment:Kashiwa Co.
Fire pump and engine:400m3/h type 1
Fire cannon:

3,000L/min fixed water gun;

3,000L/min extending 7m water gun

Powder:Nihon Dry Chemical 2,000kg + N2 bomb
Radar:Furuno FAR-1417-20AF
Depth sounder:Furuno GP-3700
Radio:Furuno FM-8900S
Satcom:Furuno SC-30
Compass:2 x Saura Magnet Compass
GMDSS:Navtex A2
GPS:Furuno GP-3500
AIS:Furuno FA-170
Winches:2 x Marine Hydrotech
Type of fuel:HFO
Fuel capacity:42m3
Fire form liquid:6m3
Freshwater capacity:28m3

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