Welcome to Research and Training Week

Welcome to Research and Training Week

Research and training vessels are an interesting breed. First, they are relatively uncommon. They are also usually owned by governments. This week, however, we have some unusual vessels in that two, albeit closely related examples, are privately owned.

An interesting trend revealed by this week's reviews is that research vessels are increasingly required to be multi-purpose in order to justify their usually high cost. Further, in an attempt to appear "Green", government owners have paid some lip service with their choice of diesel-electric or LNG fuelled propulsion systems.

The two 60-metre, Remontowa designed and built Polish government research vessels are interesting, principally because they have been very multi-tasked. As well as hydrographic and oceanographic research, the Zodiak II and Planet I are expected to act as ice-breakers, oil-spill recovery, fire-fighting and SAR vessels, as well as salvage tugs and buoy tenders. Quite a list of jobs for these diesel-electric craft.

Damen Ship Repair's massive refit/re-build of the former OSV/IMR to an 87-metre private research vessel and mobile mini-Hollywood film studio shows just how far you can go with a research vessel if unlimited funds are available. In the case of American billionaire Ray Dalio, who owns OceanXplorer, this appears to be the case.

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His yacht-like vessel is capacious and capable of going almost everywhere. Equipped with helicopter, submersibles, ROV and UAV, it also has a fully-equipped film studio and a Metal Shark-built 11.5-metre support boat that is a research vessel in its own right. The whole project is mind blowing in its immensity. Nevertheless, the vessel and its subsidiary craft are now off on a major expedition for National Geographic.

Moving back to reality, or at least normality, we look at the Rozema Boat Yard's refit/re-build of Oregon State University's 17-metre research vessel Elakha. The work here involved re-engining, re-wiring and, presumably re-plumbing an ageing aluminium workhorse.

Germany's renowned Fassmer Shipyard has produced Atair as a showcase of modern, top quality German marine technology. This 75-metre German Government-owned vessel can also handle a multitude of roles apart from its primary one of surveying and preparing the shallow sea bottom around northern Germany in readiness for wind farming development. The LNG-fuelled Atair can handle wreck search and removal, SAR and emission monitoring, among other jobs.

Unfortunately, there is not much on the training front but the research vessels we present this week surely provide enough evidence of innovation and development to fill you with information and ideas.

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– "While USV technology is potentially applicable to a broad scope of Coast Guard law enforcement missions, the primary focus of this evaluation is its ability to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing."

– "The decision for the refit was…the result of a long-term gradual change in focus by the [Swedish Coastguard] towards environmental monitoring and protection."

– by Nelson Dela Cruz, Baird Maritime's Philippines correspondent

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