Welcome to Tug and Salvage Week!

Welcome to Tug and Salvage Week!


For the past three or four years the Baird Maritime portal has seemingly featured news about newly launched tugs almost daily. Interestingly, the tug sector is apparently the most global of all sectors of the wider maritime market.

Tugs are being delivered from South-East Asia and Turkey to South America, Africa and Australasia. The USA, thanks to the Jones Act, is probably the only significant country to not be involved in the global tug trade.

Tugs are generally becoming more powerful, more compact and more manoeuvrable. They are also becoming ever more economical and less polluting. They require smaller crews. We are even seeing the introduction of hybrid and all-electric tugs.

The tug market remains very strong but it is also very innovative. It is an exciting sector of our industry.

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Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

COLUMN | Mr. Bean – saint or sinner? [Tug Times]

– “If we have young people who are not prepared to drag themselves away from their mobile telephones long enough to learn their jobs, we should get rid of them, not pander to the little blighters.”

– by Alan Loynd

COLUMN | Tackling unacceptable “customs of the port” [Grey Power]

– “An officer recounts how people on a harbour tug, refused gifts, declined to assist the ship alongside.”

by Michael Grey

FEATURE | RAL’s LNG-powered pushboats set to debut next year

– “We saw an important growth in the number of vessels in the inland waterway systems in South America, especially in the Amazon River System, an environmentally sensitive area.”

– by Nelson E Dela Cruz

COLUMN | Modified and made-to-fit [Fishing for a Living]

– “In the most extreme case of this, a nation required that tugs over ten tonnes were required to have engineers. Everyone agreed that with modern engines this was not necessary on a 50-foot tug, but the regulation persisted.”

– by Alan Haig-Brown

REMINISCENCES | Rope’s end – Ship lines over time

– “We learned some of its more curious properties when we were using it as a towrope to the after tug, which managed to get itself stuck across the lock we were moving out of.”

by Michael Grey

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

COLUMN | New year predictions – the future of the salvage industry [Tug Times]

– “Mergers and acquisitions may well continue, but I believe the demise of the salvage industry is unlikely.”

– by Alan Loynd

COLUMN | Ropes continue to evolve [Tug Times]

– “Now a rope manufacturer in Europe has come up with a design that almost eliminates recoil. The company appears to be concentrating on mooring ropes at this stage, but I expect it is only a matter of time before towlines can offer the same benefits.”

– by Alan Loynd

Remember to come back every day to see the latest news, opinion and vessel reviews!

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Neil Baird

Co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Baird Maritime and Work Boat World magazine, Neil has travelled the length and breadth of this planet in over 40 years in the business. He knows the global work boat industry better than anyone. A globally recognised expert on ferry safety, his doctoral thesis “Fatal Ferry Accidents, Their Causes and Prevention”, is still widely considered to be the bible on the subject.