Focus on Marine Engines and Propulsion Systems

Focus on Marine Engines and Propulsion Systems

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This week, Baird Maritime looks at an interesting lineup of reviewed vessels featuring a selection of marine propulsion types, from conventional diesel engines to batteries promising low emissions. Various workboat categories are represented, particularly tugs as this week also focuses on the important towage and salvage sector.

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We also have two feature articles in our lineup. One discusses a new concept in the UK wherein a series of electric ferries will be fitted with innovative hydrofoil systems. The other feature highlights a proposal to apply nuclear propulsion – which had once been limited to naval vessels – on a broader scale in the commercial shipping sector.

Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

FEATURE | Dutch firm studies more widespread use of nuclear propulsion in commercial shipping

– “Nuclear technology has seen several interesting developments and should be considered for future maritime applications.”

FEATURE | Electric hydrofoil ferry concept under development in Northern Ireland

– “The vessels are designed to fly above the water, providing a comfortable ride for the passengers, mitigating the effects of seasickness, and producing minimal wake at high speeds.”

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

OPINION | Norwegian electric tour boat smoke incident: a marine surveyor raises concerns

– “As so often seems to be the case in the marine world, it appears that technology is running faster than the rule makers or maritime regulators can keep up with.”

– by Mike Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of the International Institute of Marine Surveying

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