VESSEL REVIEW | Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao – Chinese-built LNG bunkering ship with 8,500cbm capacity

VESSEL REVIEW | Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao – Chinese-built LNG bunkering ship with 8,500cbm capacity

Photo: CCS

The Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group of China recently delivered a new LNG bunkering vessel to local energy company ENN Energy Holdings.

Designed by China Ship Design and Research Centre in compliance to China Classification Society (CCS) rules, Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao has an LOA of 119.3 metres, a beam of 19.8 metres, a depth of 11 metres, a maximum draught of 5.9 metres, and a total LNG cargo tank capacity of 8,500 cubic metres. Power is provided by a dual-fuel main engine driving a controllable-pitch propeller while a retractable azimuthing thruster installed at the bow provides additional lateral manoeuvrability. The two auxiliary engines are also dual-fuel capable.

Thanks to the propulsion arrangement and a set of 14 mooring lines, the vessel can safely perform ship-to-ship bunkering even under Beaufort force seven wind conditions. Bunkering is controlled and monitored from any one of four onboard stations on the foredeck and amidships to facilitate the safe and streamlined transfer of fuel.

Photo: CCS

The cargo is stored in two free-standing, IMO Type C tanks that can store LNG at temperatures as low as –164 degrees Celsius and a maximum design vapour pressure of 3.75 bar. Another two tanks installed above the main deck can store LNG at –196 degrees Celsius and a design vapour pressure of 9.0 bar. Systems are also fitted to minimise instances of boil-off, which often occurs on vessels fitted with LNG tanks.

The builders claim the newbuild is the largest LNG bunkering vessel in the world to be fitted with the specialised Type C tanks as well as the first Type C tank-equipped bunkering vessel to be operated by a Chinese owner in serving the domestic shipping market.

The two deck tanks may also be filled with liquid nitrogen to be used for pre-cooling of LNG carriers and of LNG-fuelled vessels. The ship itself is also designed to operate as a supply vessel capable of transporting LNG cargo between shore terminals.

Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao will be operated out of ENN’s Zhoushan LNG terminal in Zhejiang province in eastern China.

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Xin Ao Pu Tuo Hao
Type of vessel: Bunkering vessel
Classification: China Classification Society
Flag: China
Owner: ENN Energy Holdings, China
Designer: China Ship Design and Research Centre
Builder: Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group, China
Length overall: 119.3 metres
Beam: 19.8 metres
Draught: 5.9 metres
Depth: 11 metres
Capacity: 8,500 cubic metres
Propulsion: Controllable-pitch propeller
Auxiliary engines: 2
Other equipment installed: Mooring lines; bunkering control stations
Operational area: Zhejiang Province, China

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