FEATURE | Chinese purchases of US soya beans bounce back in January

Exports to China rose in January, reaching 1.4 million tonnes, up from only 69,079 tonnes in December and accounting for 30.7 per cent of total US soya bean exports in January. This is the highest monthly exports to China since March 2018 which marked the start of the trade war, and is largely due to good will purchases by Chinese buyers in an effort to advance trade talks.

OPINION | Trade war cease-fire is good news for the dry bulk sector

Following an almost total halt in exports of soya beans to China in the last quarter of 2018, the new year has brought new hopes for American farmers and the dry bulk shipping sector. The USDA reported that in the first four weeks of 2019 754,609 tonnes of soya beans were ready to be shipped in China, up from only 25,347 tonnes in December.

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