COLUMN | Smile, you're on camera! [Grey Power]

There is just no hiding your most embarrassing moments, in these days of Facebook, when every man and his dog are equipped with a movie-camera. Most professional mariners would have squirmed in their seats watching the incident in Venice when the cruise ship MSC Opera went out of control and squashed an excursion boat. The scary moments were captured, complete with sound tracks, from half a dozen different angles, as the ship careered towards the side of the canal and the moored excursion craft.

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COLUMN: When size matters [Grey Power]

The other day, we listened to a broadcast of several thousand Italians shouting their anger at a public meeting in Venice. The clue is in the location, because they were vehemently protesting at the failure of their municipal authorities to prohibit giant cruise ships from their regular progress across the famous lagoon.

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