Irish builder unveils new pilot boat design

Photo: Safehaven Marine

Irish boat builder Safehaven Marine is currently developing a new model of all-weather-capable, self-righting pilot boat.

The 14-metre vessel utilises Safehaven’s proven deep “V” planing hull and a superstructure design with wide side decks. The craft also features a bonded PU fender system and a large “high impact resistant” shoulder fender.

The newer boat also has a significantly longer waterline length compared to Safehaven’s earlier pilot boat series. This is due to its more vertical stem and sharp wave-piercing bow.

Safehaven said the primary benefit that the newer hull design offers is significantly higher fuel economy. At an operational speed of 25 knots it uses up to 20 per cent less fuel compared to earlier boats. The maximum speed capability is also significantly increased should it be required, and has the potential to offer high operational speeds of above 30 knots.

The main cabin arrangement will be able to accommodate two crew and four pilots, all on shock mitigation seats. A large and spacious forward accommodation area will offer liveaboard facilities if required.

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