Arson blamed for fire on two moored vessels in Rostock

Image: schnherr
Image: schnherr – Undine

The fire brigade of Rostock, Germany, believes that arsonists were behind two separate incidents of fire that broke out on board two vessels berthed at the city’s Warnemünde marina on Sunday, June 2.

The series of incidents began just after 00:00 local time when a blaze erupted among the passenger seats on the ferry Undine (pictured). The fire was extinguished within minutes by responding firefighters.

The second incident occurred at 05:45 aboard the recreational fishing boat Zufriedenheit moored just a few metres away from Undine. The blaze was believed to have ignited among the boat’s onboard firefighting equipment.

As was the case with Undine, firefighting teams managed to board Zufriedenheit in time to prevent the flames from causing considerable damage to the vessel.

No injuries were reported on either of the affected vessels.

Investigators say both incidents were deliberate but have not provided details.

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