BOOK REVIEW: Defending Island Britain in the Second World War

By David Rogers

A most interesting, useful and, hopefully, inspiring analysis of Britain’s preparations for a threatened Nazi invasion in 1940/41. There is much of current value here for other island nations such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and, of course, Britain again.

FEATURE: Finding the men of AE1

On December 20, 2017 shortly after 10:00, the coral encrusted bow and forward hydroplanes of AE1 appeared on the display, relaying images from a video camera suspended from the search vessel Fugro Equator, hovering more than 300 metres above. The resting place of the 35 British, Australian and New Zealand crewmembers had been found, 103 years after the loss of the Royal Australian Navy submarine.

BOOK REVIEW: The Battleship USS Massachusetts

By Witold Koszela

Another “work of art” from the Kagero people of Lublin in Poland. This one comprises a series of general arrangement, profile and detail drawing of this famous and still extant warship of the Second World War.

BOOK REVIEW: Naval Archives – Volume 07

Edited by Damien Majsak

The seventh volume of this rather amazing series of 3D renderings of famous warships. This one focuses on a range covering the British battleship HMS Warspite, the American Grumman Avenger carrier aircraft, the German U 387, the multi-national Last Classic Destroyers, and The 21st Century Russian Fleet. Plenty to interest any warship history tragic.


By Arthur Murdoch

A delightful record of a pioneering seabed mining and small scale shipping activity conducted very largely by one man in Depression-era Australia.

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