AWARDS 2019 | Best Radar Supplier – Koden

AWARDS 2019 | Best Radar Supplier – Koden


Best Radar Supplier – Koden

Japan’s Koden is renowned as one of the global pioneers of high quality, innovative marine electronics. Koden has a wide range of products across the whole spectrum from simple echo sounders to very sophisticated and capable ARPA radar units. With a world-wide network of dealers, distributors and servicing outlets, Koden is geared fully to the global extent of the maritime business.

With its long history, Koden radars have a reputation for high quality, high performance and a clear image, with decades of research behind them.

Due to customer demand, the company released its new RADARpc MDS-1100R series in December, which turns your PC charting system into a fully featured real-time radar system.

It can be combined with the range of Koden antenna-scanners (4kW radome; 4kW, 6kW, 12kW and 25kW open).

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