AWARDS 2019 | Best Lighting Supplier – Hella Marine

AWARDS 2019 | Best Lighting Supplier – Hella Marine


Best Lighting Supplier – Hella Marine

Hella is arguably the world’s best known supplier of marine lighting. As a pioneer of the adoption of LED technology to marine applications, Hella has led the work boat world. The company’s quality is high and its range is wide. It offers lighting to suit every imaginable vessel.

“For commercial vessels durability and reliability are essential. Hella marine has a proven history of designing and manufacturing LED lighting specifically for the harsh marine environment,” Marketing Manager Duncan Stirling told Baird Maritime. “Using extremely durable materials, quality components and precision manufacturing Hella products offer exceptional performance and long life operation, meaning less down time for service or repairs and more safety and productivity on board.”

Hella marine products are internationally certified and are tested to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) so lamps will not interfere with other electronics onboard.

In terms of new products, “Commercial owners and operators needing significant light output on deck or to see beyond the rail are choosing Hella’s HypaLUME LED Work Lamp,” said Stirling. “Producing 28,000 lumens while drawing only 300W and is available in a range of beam patterns and voltage options to suit all applications.”

Hella’s range of dual colour red and white lights has also increased. Now there is a range of floodlights, strip lighting and down lights that produce bright white light when clear illumination is required, and can be switched to red to preserve night vision and enhance onboard safety.

Stirling said recent updates to the popular NaviLED 360 and new NaviLED PRO Deck Mount Adaptor have been well received in the commercial sector, where proven reliability and specific physical dimensions are required.

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