Welcome to Maritime Security Week!

Welcome to Maritime Security Week!

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Those who have been following our maritime security articles, reviews and features over the years since the 9/11 attacks would be well aware of how the sector has developed and grown.

Operationally, technically and, mostly in terms of hardware, the sector has come a long way in less than twenty years. The boats and their equipment have changed, mostly improved, dramatically. They are safer, faster, more seaworthy, more comfortable, more economical and more durable.

Both large and small patrol boats have improved out of sight. Hull shapes, propulsion systems and details such as better fendering have improved the breed. So, too, have electronics such as night-vision and modern weaponry.

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Now, for example, practically all patrol boats smaller than about 13 metres LOA are outboard powered. The economics and utility and reliability of outboard motors have improved dramatically. They are so easy to fit and maintain and require no “thru-hull” holes.

Now, of course, we are seeing more and more powerful diesel outboards that seem likely to sweep the market sector. Their advantages in terms of safety and economy need no amplification.

Water jet propulsion and catamaran hull forms are increasingly penetrating the market, particularly for larger vessels.

It is a fascinating and dynamic sector. To learn more about it and how it will rub off on other sectors, follow our articles over the next week.

Vessel Reviews:


Features and Opinion:

OPINION | Libya and Migrant Crisis 2.0

– “Whilst this crisis has so far not reached its peak, it is advised vessels become increasingly aware of what may occur in the Mediterranean within the next 12 months, and begin to adopt contingency measures to assist their ability to interact with migrants and/or migrant vessels if deemed necessary.”

EDITORIAL | The political perils of military command

– “The only incompetent in this sad tale is former Assistant Secretary Modly. He, sadly, now appears to have been maliciously incompetent.”

– by Neil Baird, co-Founder, Baird Maritime

COLUMN | Covid 19 pandemic impacting upon the naval sector [Naval Gazing]

– “The Covid 19 pandemic is impacting upon many areas of activity, and the naval sector is no exception”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, maritime security expert and columnist

Shock mitigating seating focus:

News, Gear and Book Reviews:

Recent Important Features:

COLUMN | Israel emerging as a maritime power

– “Since its formation in 1948, using a motley collection of old vessels, the Israeli Navy (IN) has developed into a technologically advanced and ruthlessly efficient force.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, maritime security expert and columnist

OPINION | Australia’s Attack-class submarines need competition

– “Serious concerns have been raised over both the ability of the future submarine program to produce the Attack-class boats and the time it will take to comprehensively upgrade the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class submarines so that we avoid a capability gap.”

– by Hugh White, emeritus professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University

COLUMN | India’s naval strength continues to grow

– “A period of consolidation might therefore be in the offing but there is no doubt that India remains on course to further enhance its naval capabilities in the years ahead.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, maritime security expert and columnist

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Neil Baird

Co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Baird Maritime and Work Boat World magazine, Neil has travelled the length and breadth of this planet in over 40 years in the business. He knows the global work boat industry better than anyone.