Focus on Naval Architecture

Focus on Naval Architecture

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As with all our previous feature weeks focusing on the naval architecture industry, our readers will get to learn more about some of the many interesting ideas that are being incorporated in new workboats and other vessels entering service around the world.

Our naval architecture feature week is also an opportunity for us to focus on unique and highly capable workboats and ships besides the tugs, ferries, fishing boats, and maritime security vessels that we regularly cover in detail. The areas of specialisation are as varied as the reviewed vessels themselves.

Design • Testing • Analysis • Software • Engineering

We are also seeing that many new vessels boast alternative low-emission propulsion systems while still offering at least similar performance and capacities as their conventionally-powered counterparts. This is especially true among small- to medium-sized workboats, but it is a delight to see this being implemented even among much larger commercial ships such as bunkering tankers and bulk carriers.

The naval architecture industry continues to showcase and demonstrate innovation, as readers of Baird Maritime will see in this week and all others that follow.

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COLUMN | Neverending troubles in the box [Grey Power]

– “Common sense suggests that despite a number of catastrophic fires that have destroyed car carriers and their cargoes in recent months, it is safer to carry vehicles in a ship designed specifically for that purpose.”

– by Michael Grey, maritime industry legend and former long-term editor of Lloyd’s List

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