VESSEL REVIEW | JFE Hakuryu – Side-loading Ro-Ro handed over to Japan’s Senba Kaiun

VESSEL REVIEW | JFE Hakuryu – Side-loading Ro-Ro handed over to Japan’s Senba Kaiun

Photo: Senba Kaiun

Japan Marine United (JMU) has handed over a new Ro-Ro vessel to compatriot shipping company Senba Kaiun.

JFE Hakuryu will operate under charter with JFE Logistics Corporation to provide sea transport services for JFE Steel Corporation. The cargo deck will be capable of handling wheeled vehicles as well as palletised freight each weighing up to 100 tonnes.

Photo: JFE Steel Corporation

JMU said the newbuild is an improvement over an earlier series of Ro-Ro pallet carrier boasting enhanced efficiency thanks to a fully automated cargo handling system that also includes a side loading/unloading capability for heavy vehicles. A second cargo layer was incorporated, allowing the operator to transport a significantly greater volume of palletised freight totalling approximately 3,700 cubic metres over the same distance.

Photo: JFE Steel Corporation

The newbuild has a length of 115 metres, a beam of 22 metres, a draught of 5.2 metres, a deadweight of 5,040, a gross tonnage of 8,576, and space 17 passengers. A Hanshin Diesel Works engine propels the ship to a service speed of 14.7 knots. The vessel is also fitted with three generators and a thermal oil heater.

JFE Hakuryu was built in compliance to ClassNK regulations.

Photo: Japan Marine United

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JFE Hakuryu
Type of vessel:Ro-Ro vessel
Owner:Senba Kaiun, Japan
Operator:JFE Logistics Corporation, Japan
Length overall:115 metres
Beam:22 metres
Draught:5.2 metres
Deadweight tonnage:5040
Gross tonnage:8576
Main engine:Hanshin Diesel Works
Cruising speed:14.7 knots
Other equipment installed:Thermal oil heater; pallet cargo handling system

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