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We once again focus on the naval architecture sector, which is replete with accounts of innovative ideas being incorporated in the many vessels entering service today.

This week’s lineup of ten vessels covers a broad range of cargo ship and workboat types, from Ro-Ros to bunkering barges, from hydrofoil demonstrators to air-cushion craft.

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Propulsion systems meanwhile include conventional diesel-only arrangements as well as hybrid setups and even those that run entirely on low-emission fuels such as LNG. The geographic scope is also vast as we feature operators, designers, and builders in Russia, China, Western Europe, and the Middle East.

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FEATURE | French consortium to develop floating Arctic research station

– “The objective is to establish a drifting observatory and laboratory to study the ecosystems of the central Arctic ocean.”

REMINISCENCES | Taking the strain to build better ships

– “There was some suspicion that the real aim of the project might have been to build ships with thinner steel than was employed in our over-engineered vessels.”

– by Michael Grey, former long-term editor of Lloyds List

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