Philippine Navy, Good Samaritans aid crew of distressed fishing boat near Spratlys

Photo: Philippine Navy

A Philippine Navy patrol vessel rendered assistance to the crew of a fishing boat after it suffered a hull breach in the waters of the West Philippine Sea (WPS) on Sunday, May 23.

The corvette BRP Emilio Jacinto was conducting a maritime sovereignty patrol in the WPS when it was instructed to proceed to an area off Reed Bank in the north-eastern Spratlys to assist the crew of the fishing vessel Pauline 2 on the late morning (local time) of Monday.

Pauline 2‘s captain sent out a distress call after the crew realised they can no longer contain the water ingress on their vessel.

The corvette arrived in the area at around 12:00, by which time the fishing vessel was almost completely submerged with only its superstructure protruding above the surface.

All 31 crew on Pauline 2 were safely brought aboard the corvette. No injuries have been reported.

A number of Good Samaritan fishing vessels had also arrived in the area in response to the distress call sent out by Pauline 2‘s captain.

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