Welcome to Offshore Week!

Welcome to Offshore Week!

It is a refreshing change to note that none of the OSVs we will review this week have been designed primarily for the massively over-hyped and insanely over-subsidised offshore wind market. That sector has certainly produced some very interesting, imaginative and innovative boats but its boom will end once the world awakens to the true cost and ramifications of "alternative energy".

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Of course, there will be massive opportunities available to the OSV sector when all those windmills wear out and have to be replaced or, more likely and importantly, removed. The costs of those unforseen collateral exercises will be enormous and will provide the sector with plenty of work in a decade or so.

Meanwhile, this week, Baird Maritime reviews a series of very impressive aluminium crewboats from three very experienced and well respected designer-builders. All are quite different in size and capability and, probably, prices. However, they are all equally capable of performing the tasks they were designed and built for.

Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

"As oil prices recover, new players are also emerging on the energy stage to challenge the long-established OPEC producers."

– by Hieronymus Bosch, anonymous commentator and Baird Maritime's insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations

– "If you take a step back and look at what is happening in the world, you can't deny that there is a clear push to come out of the coronavirus crisis with a stronger focus on sustainability and renewable energy."

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– "The company has never reported a profitable year in its existence."

– by Hieronymus Bosch, anonymous commentator and Baird Maritime's insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations

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Call for content!

Any news or views about the global offshore industry? Send it through to editor@baird.com.au ASAP (between now and September 17), so we can add it to this current edition of Offshore Week!

We are after:

  • Vessels – Orders, new deliveries, under construction
  • Gear – Latest innovations and technology in the offshore vessel sector
  • Interviews – Owners, operators, designers, builders etc.
  • Reminiscences – Do you have any exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the offshore world? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

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