GEAR | Simon Møkster taps Vard Electro for energy storage systems for two PSVs

Stril Polar (Photo: Vard)

Vard Electro has been awarded separate contracts by Simon Møkster Shipping for the installation of energy storage systems (ESS) on the platform supply vessels (PSVs) Stril Polar (pictured) and Stril Orion.

Vard said both vessels are scheduled to be hybrid-ready by the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, qualifying them for DNV’s Battery Power notation.

Vard’s proprietary ESS will enable the vessels to utilise excess energy in all operating conditions, as well as simplify the use of shore power. This can substantially reduce consumption and emissions in addition to reducing the vessels’ maintenance requirement without compromising operational performance.

The ESS can store excess energy available in the vessels to use it later to reduce fuel consumption and optimise vessel performance. It will allow operations with fewer engines online, and the engines online can operate at a more optimal load.

Vard added that safety is increased due to the batteries’ ability to supply immediate energy in critical situations.

Control and monitoring of the hybrid system is handled by the energy management system and the power management system, communicating with existing control systems onboard.

The ESS also includes modes for peak shaving, spinning reserve, and zero emission transit. By using the batteries to absorb and dispense energy through load fluctuations and running the engines at optimal load, significant efficiency improvements in fuel consumption and emission can be achieved.

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