GEAR | Edda Wind orders all-electric gangway for service vessel

Photo: MacGregor

MacGregor has extended its run of orders for walk-to-work gangway technology from Norwegian vessel operator Edda Wind after receiving a contract to equip the eighth service vessel in succession for the Østensjø Group operation.

The vessel will be equipped with MacGregor’s all-electric walk-to-work gangway. MacGregor said the redundancy level of the equipment exceeds class requirements, ensuring the minimum level of unplanned downtime.

The gangway will also ensure optimised logistics flow, offering a wide gangway bridge and a large passenger lift integrated on a gangway tower structure, which offers stepless connection from deck levels to gangway level. Safety and efficiency will be enhanced by an augmented reality operator station (AROS), which also increases logistics support by allowing a single operator to seamlessly change between crane and gangway operation from a centralised control station on the vessel’s bridge.

The system is also interconnected to a five-tonne 3D motion compensated crane, whose design is distinguished by its agility in compensating loads in 3D mode.

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