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Our regular focus on the global maritime security sector once again includes reviews of some of the versatile vessels in this sector that are entering service across a broad geographical scope. From the rivers of Siberia to the tropical coastal waters of the Philippines, from the busy cities and towns of Western Europe to the vast region that is the Persian Gulf, naval and maritime law enforcement vessels are continually proving their value.

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Various agencies are again represented in the lineup of reviewed vessels. We look at different vessel types such as fast inflatable police boats, army watercraft, a supply vessel, and even a stealth warship for an East Asian naval operator. There are also our regular news roundups covering maritime security vessels as well as those in the related emergency services sector.

Readers are assured that Baird Maritime will continue to maintain a close watch on this vital and continually expanding sector, particularly the highly capable vessels within this sector.

Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

OPINION | Sustainable catch: better Indonesia-Australia cooperation on fishing

– “This latest agreement is an important development, as well as an opportunity to foster mutual trust and avoid future tension along the maritime border between the two countries.”

– by Aristyo Rizka Darmawan, lecturer and senior researcher at the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia

News, Book Reviews and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

OPINION | India–Australia defence ties grow in the face of rising strategic challenges

– “The maritime waters between India and northern Australia are an area of mutual interest to both countries, being a gateway to the Indian Ocean region.”

– by Sarosh Bana, executive editor of Business India and the regional editor for the Asia–Pacific of Naval Forces

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