Welcome to Unmanned Craft Week!

Welcome to Unmanned Craft Week!

Photo: US Navy

The unmanned craft sector is undergoing a massive boom at present. This is particularly so at the smaller end of the market with new and interesting vessels being launched seemingly daily.

There are unmanned surface vessels (USVs), unmanned underwater vessels (UUVs), autonomous surface vessels (ASVs), remotely operated vessels (ROVs) and many more acronyms. They are utilised in all manner of roles from defence and offence through intelligence gathering, surveillance and response in the military field to oceanographic, hydrographic, meteorological and other survey activities in the civilian segment. Of course, despite the slump in the offshore oil and gas sector, unmanned craft that really originated in that sector continue to play important roles.

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The innovation that we see demonstrated practically daily in unmanned craft is exciting and inspiring, and it seems that we have a long time to go before that market niche will be sated.

Meanwhile, Baird Maritime will continue to keep its readers informed as to the latest developments and innovations that materialise in the sector.

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FEATURE | The ROBOSHIP project: a new autonomous navigation system under development in Japan

– “The system has been designed to perform functions including route planning, course control, speed control, and collision avoidance.”

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