Welcome to Maritime Security Week!

Welcome to Maritime Security Week!

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Maritime security vessels are ever more closely aligned with those in our other focus this week, which is on unmanned vessels. There is considerable crossover between both sectors. There is ever more happening, seemingly daily, in both sectors. That makes both sectors particularly interesting and exciting.

As always with Baird Maritime‘s Maritime Security Week features, we focus on a wide range of vessel types, sizes, roles and geographic origins and destinations. This week is no different.

Assault Craft • Interceptors • Patrol • Police • Coast Guard • Naval

We present everything from a 1,500-tonne, Chinese-built OPV for Pakistan to a 12.5-metre, lobster boat-style, locally deigned and built fisheries patrol boat for the American state of Maine. There are inshore patrol boats for threatened Taiwan and a large French multi-role patrol vessel for the Mediterranean Sea that was built on the Bay of Biscay.

All are impressive and interesting in their own way. There is much to be learnt from each and every one of them. We hope our presentation enables readers in all maritime sectors to learn from and be inspired by what is happening out there in the wider world.

Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

OPINION | Indo-Pacific Endeavour shows Australia’s security found in, not from, Asia

– “The notion of Australia finding security either in or from Asia is a false dichotomy.”

– by Justin Burke, non-resident fellow at the Center for Maritime Strategy and Security at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University and a PhD candidate in naval strategy at Macquarie University

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

OPINION | Australia-Indonesia: burn the boats

– “Indonesia should still support measures to combat IUU fishing, including Australia’s burning vessels policy, to show it doesn’t have a double standard in law enforcement.”

– by Aristyo Rizka Darmawan, lecturer and senior researcher at the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia

COLUMN | The Type 26 Global Combat Ship: a transnational project [Naval Gazing]

– “It is hoped that the sharing of a common design will result in cost savings, particularly by the pooled production of vital components.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, retired UK Royal Navy officer and Baird Maritime’s maritime security expert and columnist

Remember to come back every day to see the latest news, opinion and vessel reviews!

Call for content!

Any news or views about the global maritime security sectors? Send it through to [email protected] ASAP (between now and November 19), so we can add it to this current edition of Maritime Security Week!

We are after:

  • Vessels – Orders, new deliveries, under construction
  • Gear – Latest innovations and technology in the maritime security vessel sector
  • Interviews – Owners, operators, water police, navies, coast guards etc.
  • Reminiscences – Do you have any exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the maritime security world? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

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