VESSEL REVIEW | Inflatable river response boats for Jordanian Public Safety Directorate

Photo: Asis Boats

As part of a program to enhance the maritime emergency response capability of Jordan’s civil defence units, the kingdom’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) acquired 14 new heavy duty fully inflatable (FI) boats in a series from UAE builder ASIS Boats.

The new boats will be used primarily as rapid response craft that will perform search and rescue (SAR), maritime security, and other missions in inland waters throughout Jordan. Seven of the boats in the order were delivered to the PSD at the end of October 2021 while the remaining seven will be handed over before the end of the year.

The PSD FI boats each have a length of 5.85 metres and are built to military specifications with heavy duty 1670 Dtex polyamide CSM neoprene materials. This enables the boats to operate even under sea state three as well as withstand a range of weather conditions from extreme humidity to severe sun exposure.

To enhance their durability further, the boats are each fitted with five large air chambers and twin seven-centimetre-wide fenders to protect the inflatable tubes. The fenders also help divert water away from the bow, hence reducing spray while the boat is underway.

Photo: ASIS Boats

The boats’ compact size and low draughts allow them to be operated more effectively in shallow-water areas compared to response vessels of more robust construction. This makes them ideal emergency response craft for operation in Jordan’s many rivers and dams. Such craft are essential for securing these waterways and structures, many of which collect and store much-needed rainwater to support farming throughout the kingdom.

The FI boats were designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for easy and rapid deployment. The construction allows the boats to be rolled into more compact – and therefore more stowable – forms. This helps ensure greater flexibility and shorter response times in the event of emergencies, especially in areas of the country that are otherwise not easily accessible. Once at the site, the boats can be quickly deployed into the water even without trailers or other dedicated boat launching equipment, thus minimising the operator’s logistical requirements.

Each boat also comes with a heavy duty marine grade aluminium transom and a removable floor made of anodised aluminium. The floor is sturdy enough to enable the transport of heavy loads without affecting the boat’s stability and performance. Up to 10 divers and their equipment can be accommodated on each FI boat while power is provided by a Yamaha 18kW outboard engine.

Photo: Asis Boats

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5.85-metre Patrol RIB
Type of vessel:Fully inflatable boats
Owner:Jordanian Public Security Directorate
Builder:ASIS Boats, UAE
Hull construction material:Polyamide CSM neoprene
Deck construction material:Aluminium
Length overall:5.85 metres
Main engine:Yamaha outboard, 18 kW
Fendering:7.0 cm
Other equipment installed:Transom; air chambers

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