COLUMN | Are cruise passengers aware of the dangers? [Tug Times]

The recent drama involving the passenger ship Viking Sky is rapidly fading from the collective consciousness, and in the aftermath everyone is playing the traditional game of blame the captain. The argument seems to be that he should not have sailed, because a Hurtigruten passenger ship which was in port at the same time decided not to risk the bad weather.

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EDITORIAL | A dangerous culture at Viking Cruises

I am loathe to kick a man, or a company, when he or it is down. However, in the case of Basel, Switzerland-based Viking Cruises, I feel it is necessary to make an exception. Given its appalling recent accident record, Viking Cruises is in dire need of a very powerful “wake up” kick. It needs to very quickly develop a strong safety culture throughout the company. A dramatic overhaul of its general corporate culture would be valuable also.

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EDITORIAL | Cruise ship safety doubts

The recent “accident” that befell the Norwegian-owned cruise ship Viking Sky has served as a stark reminder of how close to disaster such vessels are sometimes sailed. While no one was seriously injured or killed in this case, it could be said that it was more by good luck than good management.

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