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While a number of specialist designers, builders, propulsion systems and winch manufacturers now dominate what has become a very international market, we continue to see new designs and builds from all corners of the globe, with fitouts adapted to local conditions.

Tugs in general are becoming more powerful, more compact and easier to handle. They are also becoming more economical, with smaller crews, and less polluting. The introduction of hybrid and all-electric models continues, and demonstrations of autonomous operation provide a possible glimpse into the future of the sector.

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Salvage operations, which almost always involve tugs, continue to develop on the technology, equipment and environmental awareness fronts, and are far ahead of where they were just a few years ago.

All in all, it’s a very exciting industry and remains one of the strongest workboat sectors. Continue to follow this landing page over the next few days to keep abreast of all the latest tug and salvage news, gear and vessel reviews.

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AWARDS 2021 | Best Ocean Tug – Saam Acaxual – Robert Allan Ltd & Uzmar Shipyard

– “These remarkable vessels have everything needed in the way of deck equipment, electronics, firefighting equipment, and safety gear to perform every imaginable role required of modern tugs.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Lineboat – Gannet – Robert Allan Ltd & Sanmar Shipyards

– “The challenge was to build a tug with that size, but with a greater number of roles compared to a simple mooring boat.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Ice-Class Tug – Selene – Robert Allan Ltd & Sanmar Shipyards

– “One of these requirements was to have good seakeeping and performance in open water and at the same time the best possible icebreaking capability.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Small Harbour Tug – Le Moros – Piriou

– “The tug is capable of towing operations whether from the rear or alongside, pushing operations, and deep-sea towing from the rear.”

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