Focus on Research and Training

Focus on Research and Training

Photo: Australian Institute of Marine Science

This week, we look at newly delivered research and survey vessels in service around the world, from the cold northern waters of Russia to the warmer environments of the Middle East. Most are newbuilds while one is a refurbished vessel that was originally designed to support the offshore energy industry.

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We will also feature two important marine research projects, a recently completed mission in Maldives and an upcoming construction activity to expand New Zealand’s knowledge of the harsh Antarctic environment.

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Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

FEATURE | International alliance conducts deep-sea research mission in Maldives

– “The mission saw the deployment of two advanced crewed submersibles, robotic and autonomous systems, and more than a dozen research technologies.”

FEATURE | New Zealand to put up advanced research station in Antarctica

– “The station is slated to become operational in January 2027, 70 years after the original Scott Base opened in 1957.”

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

REMINISCENCES | Asherah, a two-man submarine named for a Phoenician goddess

– “The reason it was built so quickly is because the Electric Boat division had lots of experience from building submarines for the US Navy.”

– by Bob Iversen, retired Hawaii fishery biologist

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We are after:

  • Vessels – Orders, new deliveries, under construction
  • Gear – Latest innovations and technology in the marine research and training sectors
  • Interviews – Owners, operators, marine research institutes, maritime training schools, etc.
  • Reminiscences – Do you have any exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the research and training vessel world? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

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