Focus on Emergency Service Vessels

Focus on Emergency Service Vessels


The maritime emergency services sector continues to benefit from new technologies and innovation, and for good reason. Despite the best efforts of stakeholders to prevent situations that could endanger lives and property, such situations still occur almost daily just about anywhere in the world. The maritime industry is, unfortunately, not spared from this reality, as evidenced by the number of vessel-related incidents Baird Maritime has featured on these pages over the last few weeks alone.

Fortunately, many countries’ governments and even private sector stakeholders have become mindful of the lessons taught by such incidents and are working towards preventing these from ever happening again. These insights are applied and continually refined in the growing number of emergency service vessels that are being placed in operation.

Firefighting • Search and Rescue • Police • Coast Guard

This month’s focus on the emergency services sector includes a closer look at some of these unique and highly capable vessels. Their geographical scope is vast, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Indo-Pacific and culminating in North America. Search and rescue (SAR) and medical evacuation boats unsurprisingly make up the majority of featured vessels, but also included are those that are more oriented towards the equally important roles of firefighting and maritime security.

We invite our readers to visit Baird Maritime regularly to get the latest on this ever-evolving sector, especially the vessels that fulfil the wide array of missions within its impressive scope.

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AWARDS 2021 | Best Hospital Ship – Global Mercy – Stena RoRo

– “It is effectively a fully-equipped general hospital that floats.”

CASE STUDY | How the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue is optimising safety and efficiency with Hefring Marine

– “We chose the system because of its unique guidance and analysis features that can help us to prevent heavy impact loads to crew and the vessel.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best RIB Patrol Boat – Hohapata – Naiad Design

– “Our design team worked closely with Nelson Coastguard to ensure the boat was packed full of as much capability as they needed to successfully and efficiently do their job well.”

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