Seven missing following vessel collision off Palawan, Philippines

The 13 Filipino crewmen who were rescued following the capsizing of the fishing vessel JOT-18 on May 28, 2022. The capsizing occurred following the collision with the cargo vessel Happy Hiro on the same date. (Photo: Philippine Coast Guard)

Seven fishermen have gone missing following a collision involving their boat and a commercial vessel off Palawan province in the western Philippines on Saturday, May 28.

The fishing vessel JOT-18 was underway off Palawan’s Maracanao Island when it was struck by the Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel Happy Hiro on Saturday.

The smaller vessel then capsized and all 20 of its crew ended up in the water. However, the crew of a Good Samaritan fishing boat that had diverted to the area to render assistance managed to rescue only 13 individuals.

The 13 survivors, all of whom had suffered only minor injuries, were then brought aboard Happy Hiro for eventual transfer to a waiting Philippine Coast Guard patrol boat in nearby Antique province.

Coast guard vessels are continuing to comb the area for any trace of the seven missing fishermen.

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