Focus on Maritime Security

Focus on Maritime Security

Maritime security has continued to evolve and expand to the point that multi-mission capability has become a key trend, particularly in the design and construction of new vessels. Rising costs of raw materials, technology, and even crew training means it is now generally more practical for agencies around the world to maximise sometimes limited resources.

While this endeavour may seem daunting, it is assuring to know that many of the newer vessel types in service today have proven to be adaptable as well as capable in fulfilling a greater number of duties than what has traditionally been assigned to them. For instance, we see naval ships with the latest armament and sensors regularly engaging in "low-tech" non-traditional roles such as humanitarian relief, thus validating the multi-mission concept.

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For this month's focus on this vital maritime sector, we also review six newbuild vessels that recently entered operational service. Among these are a warship boasting improved performance and powerful weaponry, an advanced intelligence-gathering vessel that is also suited for the highly important training role, and two large ships – that have themselves been officially designated as multi-mission response vessels – acquired by a well-known coast guard in South-East Asia. This selection is small, but it provides an indication of the design work and the technologies that help ensure the maritime security sector is able to keep pace with changing times and requirements.

Readers are assured that Baird Maritime will continue to stay abreast of noteworthy developments in this crucial sector.

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– "The other major commitment is to enable armed incursions into South Korea, with the aim of destabilising its neighbour, and hampering the economic development of its border regions."

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, former UK Royal Navy officer and Baird Maritime's resident maritime security expert and columnist

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– "A better solution for Indo-Pacific naval forces is to emphasise the development of larger numbers of smaller missile-armed naval vessels."

– by Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

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