Royal Australian Navy personnel rescue occupants of distressed Solomon Islands police boat

Photo: Royal Australian Navy

The crew of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Armidale-class patrol boat HMAS Ararat rescued a Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) boat crew last Saturday, May 21, after the latter vessel was reported missing.

The RAN patrol boat’s crew was responding to a search and rescue request from the RSIPF.

The crews of an Australian-contracted Forum Fisheries Agency King Air aircraft and an Australian Federal Police-contracted helicopter were able to locate the stricken vessel and contact those on board prior to Ararat‘s arrival.

The rescued RSIPF personnel and other passengers on board were in good health when they were found. They were transferred to Ararat where they were provided with fresh meals and water during the journey back to Korovou, Shortland Island.

The RSIPF vessel was put under tow and offloaded on return to the island.

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