Welcome to Research and Training Week!

Welcome to Research and Training Week!


This is another sector within which the vast majority of vessels are purchased by governments. This means that decisions are not nearly as disciplined as in the “real world” of commerce. Sometimes the results of such government purchasing decision-making can be good, but more often, unfortunately, they are not so good.

This week, however, we present some examples of research and training vessels that appear to have been sensibly ordered and appropriately purchased. All, it seems, are multi-role. That is a refreshing change. Scientists and educators usually like to rather selfishly keep things to themselves.

The Faroese research vessel Jakup Sverri is a case in point. Apart from looking both attractive and purposeful, it has been very carefully designed and well-built by local yard MEST, which normally builds very impressive fishing boats. The 54 metre survey/research vessel has been classed by Bureau Veritas and is owned by the Faroe Marine Research Institute. That institution is particularly important to a small, remote archipelagic country that is intensely dependent on fishing.

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Hydrograaf, the Royal Netherlands Navy’s newest “naval expeditionary survey boat,” is another interesting example of the breed. Designed to be carried aboard larger naval vessels so as to conduct surveys of far away and foreign coasts, this 16-metre, 20-knot craft was designed and built by the prolific Damen Shipyards Group for a very specific purpose but with plenty of versatility very obviously built in.

The well-respected and very productive French shipyard OCEA recently launched NNS Lana for the Nigerian Navy. Its foremost role is in hydrographic/oceanographic survey but it can turn its hand to fisheries patrolling, SAR, surveillance, firefighting and even as an emergency salvage tug. It is a mighty vessel in only 60 metres.

We will also be presenting training craft such as the impressive Spanish Navy training vessels built by that country’s renowned yard Rodman Polyships.

As usual, of course, there will be many more vessels from this fascinating sector in Research and Training Vessel Week on Baird Maritime.

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FEATURE | Faroe Islands enters research vessel newbuilding sector with high-specification multi-role ship

– “The vessel is equipped with trawls, underwater acoustic sensors, and provisions for launching and recovering remotely operated vehicles.”

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FEATURE | AUVs play key role in new Antarctic food web research

– “The use of AUVs became necessary partly due to their ability to operate in environments that are too hazardous for humans to venture into in that part of Antarctica.”

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