Focus on Passenger Vessels

Focus on Passenger Vessels


Baird Maritime once again presents an assortment of featured vessel types for this latest focus on passenger vessel operations. New cruise ships are in operation in the coastal waters of Norway and some of Europe’s famed rivers as recently delivered ferries begin sailings in China and the Caspian Sea.

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Also featured are three tour boats powered by hybrid propulsion. Two are for inland sailings in France and the third is a Swedish-built high-speed craft with a hull originally designed for at-sea interceptions. This particular example will provide wildlife excursions in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

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OPINION | Norwegian electric tour boat smoke incident: a marine surveyor raises concerns

– “As so often seems to be the case in the marine world, it appears that technology is running faster than the rule makers or maritime regulators can keep up with.”

– by Mike Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of the International Institute of Marine Surveying

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