Clipper businesses helped by ferry sector

Clipper Group (Denmark) has seen positive net results in its annual report for the second year running following the sale of the last of its chemical tankers.

The Danish subsidiary of the Clipper Group sold the last of its chemical tankers in 2015. The group recorded a net result of US$13 million due to strong figures emerging from Ro-Ro and ferry sectors.

The primary activities of the Danish subsidiary are Ro-Ro activities on the Irish Sea through Seatruck Ferries and ferry services in Denmark with Danske Færger, as well as technical management under Clipper Fleet Management.

“Both Seatruck and Danske Færger continue to perform very well, and the selling of our last chemical tankers have also contributed to a stronger result, though reduced revenue,” Flemming Steen, CFO of Clipper Group said.

Besides the reduced activities within chemical tankers during 2015, the reduction in net revenue can be explained by foreign exchange rates, where the strong US dollar has reduced the positive impact of both Danske Færger and Seatruck, on net revenue as well as net result.

Seatruck Ferries, which specialises in carrying unaccompanied freight trailers across the Irish Sea reported just under 290,000 freight units transported, representing a growth of 3.4 per cent compared to 2014. Six Ro-Ro ferries now sail between Ireland and England on three routes.

Danske Færger manages seven national ferry routes in Denmark, connecting the mainland to a number of Danish islands. Compared to 2014, the traffic on all routes increased by 4.3 per cent on cars and 1.1 per cent on passengers.