Focus on Maritime Security

Focus on Maritime Security


Those who have followed our maritime security columns, reviews, and features since the 9/11 attacks will be familiar with how the industry has evolved and matured in the years since.

In just over two decades, the sector has advanced significantly in terms of operations, technology, and, most notably, hardware. The boats and their equipment have undergone significant changes, with the majority of them being for the better. They are safer, faster, more seaworthy, more comfortable, cost-effective, and durable.

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From the smallest RIBs to offshore patrol boats and beyond, all sectors of this important industry have improved out of sight. Hull forms, propulsion systems, and details such as better fendering continue to improve the world fleet. Electronics such as night vision have also advanced, as well as armour and weaponry.

It is a very interesting and fast-paced industry. Follow our posts over the coming week to discover more and how innovations here will affect other workboat sectors.

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COLUMN | War in Ukraine: NATO’s maritime response [Naval Gazing]

– “At least 50 NATO-assigned major warships are known to have been deployed in these operations, including an unprecedented five aircraft carriers from four nations.”

– by Trevor Hollingsbee, former Royal Navy officer and Baird Maritime‘s resident maritime security expert and columnist

OPINION | Of maritime security and a rules-based order

– “The aim should be to identify avenues for association and partnerships in areas where states may not necessarily agree on a way forward.”

– by Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow and Head of Maritime Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi

AWARDS 2021 | Best Small Patrol Boat – Risto & Roland – Baltic Workboats

– “These craft have every feature you would expect from a navy vessel – a 12.7-millimetre machine gun on a remote weapon station (RWS), two 7.62-millimetre light machine guns, ballistic protection of strategic areas, and a gyrostabiliser.”

AWARDS 2021 | Best Large Patrol Boat – Gyptis – OCEA

– “She stands out due to her excellent seakeeping coupled with significant noise reduction on board and optimised interior spaces.”

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