AWARDS 2021 | Best Large Patrol Boat – Gyptis – OCEA

AWARDS 2021 | Best Large Patrol Boat – Gyptis – OCEA

Best Large Patrol Boat – Gyptis

Best Large Patrol Boat – Gyptis – OCEA

OCEA is a leading builder of large and medium-sized aluminium vessels. It is located on the French Bay of Biscay coast, in waters that are renowned for their turbulence and capriciousness. Thus, the company’s boats are respected for their durability and seaworthiness.

OCEA is also well known for its innovative touches. This magnificent patrol boat, designed very precisely for a Marseille-based Mediterranean role, is an excellent example of the company’s first-rate ships.

“We believe that aside from boasting a range of operational capabilities and cost-effectiveness, Gyptis stands out due to her excellent seakeeping coupled with significant noise reduction on board and optimised interior spaces,” OCEA told Baird Maritime. “These will enable the vessel to provide improved comfort at sea for Maritime Affairs crews.”

Although noticeably smaller, Gyptis nonetheless boasts the sea-proven construction of two larger patrol vessels that the builder supplied to the Senegalese Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard.

The builder added that the Mediterranean patrol boat has been designed and built for sustainable and responsible navigation. The fully aluminium vessel therefore has a very low environmental footprint thanks in large part to its hybrid propulsion. The incorporation of such environmentally friendly features was done in response to what OCEA has identified as a growing trend in the maritime security market.

In terms of upcoming projects, “We are actively working on new projects with a focus on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions without compromising vessel performance,” added OCEA.

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