Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture

Focus on Fishing and Aquaculture

Fish farming vessels dominate this week's featured vessels for review. Two of the vessels are aquaculture support workboats for operators in Scotland while one is a large-capacity fish breeding vessel that a Chinese conglomerate will deploy in offshore waters close to home and even in other parts of the world. Also featured is a shrimp trawler that a Spanish owner will operate in Argentine waters.

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Lastly, Baird Maritime will once again feature an excerpt from Swimming with Fishes, the published detailed memoirs of noted fishery biologist Dr Bob Iversen. As with the other chapters of his excellent book, Dr Iversen shares his personal experiences and insights on the broader world of marine life and related sciences.

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Vessel Reviews:

Features and Opinion:

– "The researchers set up an experiment that simulated a scenario where fish larvae swam or drifted past an undersea cable."

– "I knew from studying shark behaviour that sharks in a feeding mood can be very dangerous."

– by Bob Iversen, retired Hawaii fishery biologist and former US Navy officer

News and Gear:

Recent Important Features:

– "The only sensible and achievable chance for people and wildlife to co-exist is to devolve the authority and jurisdiction over such renewable natural resources such as wildlife back to the lowest (hence the most responsive and accountable) possible governmental level."

– by Jim Beers, IWMC Vice-President for the USA

– "How long will nature be willing to spare us this latitude and what happens to our fisheries when the generosity dies out?"

– by Eugene Lapointe, president of the IWMC World Conservation Trust and a former secretary-general of CITES

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